Our goal is to enable direct & immediate communication between the worlds of signed, written and spoken language, through real-time translation software.

Bridging the communication gap

The DeepSign Project

In order to have equal rights and opportunities, we must first be able to communicate.

An estimated 72 million people in the world uses sign language today. The needs and desires of sign language communities span a complex spectrum. While some sign language users can communicate through written or even spoken language, others might not be able to use verbal language at all. For many, sign language is their only means of communication. Meanwhile, most people outside the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities have little to no proficiency in sign language at all. In other words, there exists a communication gap in society today, resulting in a world that is largely inaccessible for a significant amount of people.

Almost every source of information, entertainment and community is today exclusively available as spoken words or text. At DeepSign we push for equality of access to information and communication. Through direct, automated translation tools the sign language user will be able to access media in their native language and overcome any depth of the communication gap they might feel restrained by. Advancements in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational linguistics have made such a tool possible. DeepSign is building the first sign language processor for Norwegian and Norwegian Sign Language.

News and events

  • Meet DeepSign at “En Ny Start”
    DeepSign is attending the “En ny start” event hosted by the University of Oslo at the 31st of August 17.00 at Domus Biblioteca. DeepSign will hold a brief presentation, and be avilable for any questions you might have about our […]
  • DeepSign selected for the Demonstrator Lab in Amsterdam
    DeepSign enters the Demonstrator Laboratory at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam, to build the first prototype of a Norwegian Sign Language processor. About Demonstrator Lab The Demonstrator Lab is a startup hub located at the grounds of VU in […]
  • DeepSign Awarded 100,000 EUR for Research
    DeepSign was awarded 1,000,000 NOK (100,000 EUR) from the Norwegian Research Council of Norway, for their research and development of sign language processors. Funds for Sign Language Processor Development On the 21st of April 2021, the DeepSign project was awarded […]
Innovation Exchange Amsterdam – MAY 11, 2021

Students of UvA receive €100,000 for sign language project

Master students of the UvA and University of Oslo received €100,000 for the DeepSign* project to bridge the communication gap between users of sign language and society … Read more

INSJ – JUNE 05, 2021

The startup DeepSign* ready for entrepreneurial life

The physics students at DeepSign* were ready to go their separate ways, but when they were granted one million kroner from the Research Council’s STUD-ENT scheme, they had to change their plans … Read more

Work with us

Create game-changing technology and enable deep integration

Do you want to work with cutting-edge technology and human rights? Or are you involved with your local sign language community and eager for a change? Going forwards, we are looking for ambitious and driven people to help enable word-to-sign communication in all corners of the world.