DeepSign selected for the Demonstrator Lab in Amsterdam

A modern office space, the picture is taken on one side of a glass wall, on the other side people are working by their desk

DeepSign enters the Demonstrator Laboratory at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam, to build the first prototype of a Norwegian Sign Language processor.

About Demonstrator Lab

The Demonstrator Lab is a startup hub located at the grounds of VU in Amsterdam, that targets entrepreneurial-minded academics to help start-ups grow in the early stages of incubation. The accelerator program facilitates assistance with advice on all aspects of the idea-to-market process, customer identification, construction of a prototype – Minimum Valuable Product, user testing, networks, and seed/flagship grants. The Demonstrator Lab is powered by Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), a center of expertise that supports Amsterdam researchers with converting their invention, idea or research into a viable, practical application.

New offices for the DeepSign-Amsterdam Team

The Demonstrator lab will host offices for our three employees situated in Amsterdam, come and visit us at the P corridor on the 2nd floor of De Boelelaan 1085!