DeepSign Awarded 100,000 EUR for Research

Julie, Oline and Jonas in Oslo

DeepSign was awarded 1,000,000 NOK (100,000 EUR) from the Norwegian Research Council of Norway, for their research and development of sign language processors.

Funds for Sign Language Processor Development

On the 21st of April 2021, the DeepSign project was awarded 1,000,000 NOK (or 100,000 EUR) from the Norwegian Research Council, in support of their research and development of Norwegian Sign Language Processors. The grant was awarded through the Research Council’s STUD-ENT funding scheme, which provides support for innovative business ideas built and driven by students. Together with DeepSign, a total of 24 Norwegian Startups were awarded a total of 24 Million NOK. Among the awarded projects 6 startups were selected from the University of Oslo.

Please note that the DeepSign project is enlisted as the DITA project in the above press releases, under a previous placeholder name.

STUD-ENT Entreprenuership Funding Scheme

The STUD-ENT funding scheme is oriented towards students and candidates from Universities and University Colleges entering the world of entrepreneurship. The purpose of the STUD-ENT scheme is to improve the entrepreneurship culture in the higher education sector by encouraging students to use the knowledge they have attained from their studies to generate new successful businesses. The grant is awarded in a broad variety of different subject areas in educational facilities across Norway. Student innovation has been an area of interest for the Norwegian Research Council in order to facilitate growth in the next generation of industry and green jobs.